IDR Productions

About Us

Our Vision

RESULTS … For IDR Productions, this is much more than a word. It’s the very reason we leap out of bed, fly into the office, and hunker down to tackle the latest challenge with zest…. each and every morning. Yes, we love what we do and we craft exceptional commercials and online videos for our clients.

And that takes vision. Not idle dreams or wishful thinking. We connect brands with people. This comes from an extraordinarily creative team, hard work and lots of experience.  All meticulously shaped to connect with your audience and gain that competitive edge.

Look at any IDR commercial production. You’ll see a seamless fusion of media and message.  Art and Science.  The perfect intersection of creativity and razor sharp direct response savvy.  That takes some doing. But the results speak for themselves. Besides, it just wouldn’t be any fun otherwise.  We listen.  We learn.  We connect with your customer.  We grow your business.  This is who we are and this is what we live for.

Our Culture

For our team – writers, directors, editors, graphic artists, animators and crew – work isn’t just a job. It’s a passion. It’s what we”ve chosen to do and we feel pretty dang lucky to be able to do it every day.

We work late hours and on weekend because we care about our product. We have fun, we laugh out loud and we live our lives to the fullest while creating quality work that we truly care about. And it shows.

Our loyalty in this arena is unprecedented thanks to our passion. Just ask any of the clients below.

Our References

It was Walt Whitman who said, “If you done it, it ain’t bragging.” And we’ve done it! Here’s just a few of our past clients who agree:

Gateway, Roseart/MEGA Brands, World Poker Tour, Brainy Baby, Aggressive Wealth, Wild America, Enova, Financial/Cast Net USA, Security One Lending, The Good Feet Store, Glam Air Airbrush Makeup, Henry Repeating Arms, Lovida.

And So Many More! Click Here to check out our work.