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6 Tips to Create the Perfect B-roll

TweetEmail TweetEmailYou’ve done it: shot the perfect testimonials and host footage for your next commercial. Now all you’ve got to do it fill it out with some killer b-roll. But how do you decide which footage to go for, and what do you do with the footage once you have it? Check out IDR Productions’ […]

6 Ways Video Content Increases Sales

TweetEmail TweetEmailYou might have the greatest product in the world, but if you’re not selling, what’s the point? Quality video content is the most effective way to drive those sales and keep your consumers engaged. Not convinced? Read on for IDR Production’s 6 ways that video content increases sales. Videos appeal to our brain. Humans […]

Top 8 Business Ethics to Look for in a Company

TweetEmail TweetEmailChoosing a video company to work with can be difficult, especially if you’re placing the future of your product’s video marketing into another’s hands. When choosing a partner company, there are certain business ethics you’ll want to look out for. These qualities show how ethical a business will be, which can heavily influence both your […]

Shooting On Target: A Glimpse into Video Production

TweetEmail TweetEmailA behind-the-scenes look at a shoot at a shooting range. As a video production company, there’s a lot that goes on “behind the scenes” when creating the final product you see on screen. In production, especially pre-production, every day brings something new to it. Production is a never ending-adventure that occasionally throws a curveball […]