IDR Productions


Innovative Direct Response Productions draws on the extraordinary skills and vision of specially selected writers, directors and editors to create powerful marketing messages that make lasting impressions and generate results.


Infomercial Production

Our resident gurus ask only one thing of infomercial productions – perfection. Not always easy to achieve. But so gratifying when it happens, which comes naturally to IDR Productions.

Look inside IDR, and you’ll see the industry’s snappiest writers, savviest producers, sharpest editors, and most dedicated crews. But we never go it alone. We work with you, coordinate with you, plan with you…from concept to media buy. We’re your partner, friend and storyteller all at the same time.


TV Commercial Productions

Visionaries. Pioneers. Trail-Blazers. TV Commercial Wizards. IDR Productions is all of the above.

You might say we offer brands something special. Credit our experience, dedication, and that little extra zest for doing things in bold, beautiful ways. Things like concept development, scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing, special effects, graphics, talent and delivery to broadcast channels.



ENGAGE. ENTERTAIN. INFORM. CONVERT. Nothing does these things better than social media and website videos. Bound by conventional thinking? Uh-uh…not us. Our online videos are on the cutting edge, revved up to create major brand buzz for a content-hungry community. Tap into this marketing bonanza with your custom-made online videos for social media, websites, Youtube, and beyond.


Multi-Channel Marketing

Where, how, and when are consumers shopping? The number of paths is mind-boggling. IDR covers them all with premier Multi-Channel Marketing strategies. We build paths, each one carefully matched to the medium. Web Ads. Social Media. TV commercials. You name it. The inevitable result? ENGAGEMENT. INTERACTION. SUCCESS. SMILES. See how far your own brand can go. IDR Multi-Channel Marketing strategies will take you all the way.

Want more? Contact us to see what our TV commercials, infomercial productions, website videos, and social media videos can do for your brand.